Below you will find our reviews of current fitness DVDs and fit programs.Yoga MeltdownBrittany: Like most of JM’s DVDs…such a great find! I have a biased opinion of yoga, but this is a great combo of power yoga with the kick butt attitude from Jillian that rarely gets boring.

M: I hate Jillian so much that I love her. Every time I do one of her workouts I honestly want to punch her in the face… BUT for some reason, I ALWAYS get a good work out from them. My personal opintion of her yoga DVD is that it is awesome… every once in a while. It works different muscles that you normally dont work. If I do it too often it gets too easy.

NMTZBrittany: Not  for beginners! If you are looking for a great strength training routine that you can do at home without the gym, this for you.Of course you have the option to use lighter weights, it is always best to start at a workable level and increase if you feel a need to be challenged. This is a circuit training style workout that focuses on those trouble areas that most( OK ALL) women hate to stare at in the mirror. Best quick in home workout that hits all areas of the female body.

M: This workout kills me every time I do it, so I don’t do it very often! (I have to be feeling extra motivated) Which means – its a great work out. BUT I still want to punch her in the face!

Brittany:Wow, part of me is embarrassed that I tried this but I am proud to say I purchased it on amazon NOT at full price! My background being in cheerleading and the fact that I am an info-mercial junkie I thought I would give this a try. I can not say that I used it more than twice. If you enjoy awkward fist pumping music and silly dance moves, then this might be just for you! I am sure that , like almost all workout programs, if you stick to it you will achieve results. However, I will leave the floundering dance moves in front of the TV up to you.

FLUIDITY program

 Brittany: Another info-mercial find but this one is somewhat a hit. Yes I got hooked with the line “DO YOU want to workout like a dancer at home” and found this entire set on craigslist and had it the next day. The workouts are much more difficult that the commercial leads on. It comes with everything you need, and I am sure that sticking with the program would produce some superior results. Again, we both became bored with it and slightly annoyed of her voice. Definitely a good workout even though I am thinking of selling mine since it hasn’t been used since my last PCS move !

Jack Warner

Brittany: I purchased this for a few reasons. 1. M recommended trying Training with Jackie DVDs

2. I find fitness models inspiring

3. It was 8$ at walmart

After doing each workout separately, I find the standing portion to be a great workout. It not only worked out core but also had some quad exercises mixed in as well as some shoulder work. The floor workouts are great as well, but I found them boring and not as sweat inducing . If I find myself in a pinch for time, I would totally do the standing workout only to get an effective and quick workout. As a trainer, I find her personality a bit bland as if she is trying to hard. She is no Jillian but still an effective trainer.

M: All I can say about this workout is that I couldn’t walk or sit down the next day. Hope you like lunges 🙂

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