Ways to stay fit pre-partum AND post… COMING SOON!

To a 23 year old newlywed teacher who just finished the Bikram 30-day challenge followed by her first half marathon training, one of the most frightening words on earth could be PREGNANT. Of course we wanted to have kids young, it was all in the plan, but what does this mean for my body? Am I going to become one of those un-healthy moms who claims to “NEVER HAVE TIME TO WORK OUT”  and eats nothing but macaroni and cheese because it’s “What the kids eat.” After a mild panic attack I realized that NO, that is not the me and in no way but the positive will the title MOM change me.  So I continued to run, and strength train as my body allowed. Each month my mileage decreased but it was ok because I still felt great. Up until about 7 and  a half months I was still enjoying my 3 mile runs. After a move to the deep south and more humidity than clothes or hair could handle, 2 mile walks and 500m lap swims were about all that the belly allowed. Our beautiful son Steven came into this world which created nothing more than motivation, to get back to being healthy for him, so that he will always have role models in his parents. Against doctors orders, like always, I began my first jog 2 weeks after his birth. Here I am running my next half marathon 4 months later! In no way am I saying that this is what everyone should do, it’s not about the level of fitness you attain but the fact that you push yourself a little past your comfort zone. For women that have never worked out a day in their lives, it is not a good idea to hop into a new fitness plan. But before planning a family or after the birth of your child , there is never a better time to begin.

Below are sites that I find very useful and fun for fit mamas


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