About the authors


Dog mom. NFL-Fiance Boxer-lover. Runner. Marketing professi

onal.  Cheese head. Fitness Enthusiast.Tall.


Mom. Army-Wife.  Beagle-lover. Runner.  Educator. Buckeye nut. Fitness Enthusiast.Short.

Our Fitness Philosophy

We don’t believe that being 110 lbs and a size 2 means you are fit.  Both of us have been friends, colleagues, and co-workers with those naturally ” skinny” girls and honestly, we find it is just NOT FAIR… but guess what( contrary to what our selfish generation believes) life isn’t. Working hard to be in shape has a lot more of a pay-off in the end and builds a true sense of confidence that the”skinny girl” will never understand. The only thing more unfair than the SG is the people who complain that they don’t have time to live a healthy lifestyle… PLEASE go somewhere else if that is the sassy-pants attitude you put on every morning. Working out doesn’t mean hitting the gym everyday , it means finding a few days a week to devote to yourself for 30-60 minutes and worship the only friend that will stick with you until the end, your body! Working out also means that you can stop counting calories and focus more on simply eating healthier like the good ‘ol food pyramid teaches us. Living a fit lifestyle not only makes you feel good today and tomorrow, it will help you live a longer and happier life… what else in this 21st century can you say that about?


So get off facebook and blog-reading for JUST A LITTLE while and get active! ( come back when you are done of course )


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