This blog started in a time that I’m sure many stay-at-home moms know all to well. There is that time period where your adorable little baby sleeps away most of the day and we begin to wonder… exactly WHAT am I here for again? Those were the days….

Now that days are consumed with my (energizer-bunny-of-a) toddler on top of growing the next bundle, writing is just something that is simply not a  priority. Too much is changing in BOTH of our lives to even begin to ‘blog’ about. We have big hopes for the future of fitness, eventually we would love to have an entire empire of fitness facilities/apparel/ life coaching/kids fitness/running groups all geared towards people like us ( like I said BIGGG hopes and dreams.) With the 2 of our personalities and work ethic it is TOTALLY possible… someday.  Being in our mid/late 20’s we both realize that there is something much bigger than life changing careers in what we love, something called family. Maybe 10 years down the road when weddings have passed, our kids are in school, life is more stable, we will focus on sharing our love of fitness with the world.

Blogging was just a little window of what is possible to see how others relate to our fitness philosophy. It is AWESOME to make connections with other ladies just like us and hear that simple thoughts typed into my beloved imac could spark a flame in others. We will continue with the FB page to share links/tips… there is just not enough time to put in what our lovely blog readers deserve.

When life slows down someday… someday it will right?… we will be back with A LOT more to give. Thanks for reading the verbal vomit, really it means a lot.Until then… STAY FIT! KEEP WORKING OUT! And most importantly keep BElieving in YOU!

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