Sometimes plans change

If you are a control freak like M and I… plans changing is a NIGHTMARE. We want to know exactly what we are doing, when we are doing it, how long it is going to take, and what we will be wearing ( ok not always but for running at least.)  AND we need to know months ahead of time. The irony is hilarious considering I am married to the ARMY who decides where life takes us in a weeks notice, and she is soon to be married to the NFL who is practically just as bad… ESPECIALLY this time of year.

Good news is that my knee pain has completely gone away! Must have been happy thoughts and prayers from all my wonderful friends/family. My first jog last week was on the dread-mill. I went in thinking I will get off when the pain starts, but I swear there was an angel next to me ( literally and figuratively. A wonderful friend happened to be the only one there and was able to chat with her the entire time.) NO PAIN! 6 mile run Saturday also lead to no pain! WOO HOO!

Even though the pain is mostly gone, the weather is not getting any better. 98% humidity in the morning is just NOT cutting it when it comes to distance runs. Realizing that I bit off more than I can chew with this Montgomery race, we are going to go back to the original plans.

Charlotte Thunder Road half in November, leaving me 26 weeks pregnant. A little further along than I would like but training in the cool autumn air will make a HUGE difference. AND I will have my ‘ Sole Sister’ by my side( LOVE THAT TERM!) Not to mention it is a holiday weekend so my family can come with, we get to go watch M’s fiance play football on Sunday, and it is the race that we ran when I was unknowingly pregnant last time ( BOTH of my babes can say they ran the charlotte half marathon!) The only hold up now is that the NFL keeps them in Carolina, I mean I’m sure if they were sent somewhere like Pittsburgh we could find a race there as well 🙂

SO YAY plans are set, a change but a positive change.

I have made a Facebook page for anyone that wants to keep updated with blog posts, current fitness tidbits,etc. Not really sure where it will go but it would be nice to organize local runs/workouts through it as well as have a happy little place for sharing our love of fitness!

So ‘like’ Be.Li(e)ve.Fitness on FB !

That is really it for today. Thanks for listening, happy Monday Fit Friends 🙂

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