Run like a mother…

Really? I have a blog? I SEEMED TO HAVE COMPLETELY FORGOT! Or was it the absence of morning runs thanks to 4 a.m. flight line, lack of baby-free me time, southern temperatures, first trimester icky-ness,  or lists of excuses that have simply kept me away?

Either/or I am totally back and ready to not only start running again, blogging again, and most importantly motivating others to get active AGAIN.

Let me start by saying it is a Friday night at 10:15 and I would not, could not, choose to be doing anything else at this moment other than sitting by myself in a quiet home reading/writing and of course preparing for a beautiful Saturday morning run.

A quick re-cap. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with baby #2. We are absolutely thrilled and slightly shocked that it is all going as planned. Having our only 2 children 18 months apart and both during the deployment free flight school is like a godsend! What was NOT so heavenly were the dizzy spells, nausea, exhaustion, and lack of human functioning that took over my body for the past 3 weeks. I managed to squeeze in probably a handful of jogging stroller strides ( meaning jog-walk jog-walk until my body said STOP PLEASE GO HOME!) along with a couple 30 minute cycling workouts and 400m pool swims. FINALLY this week I broke ground and was able to skip my naps and even complete a 3 mile run at a 9min pace… not terrible.  But being unable to actually run, foot to pavement, really took a number on me mentally. It makes me wonder if every inactive Mom feels this “blaahhh”? And if so, do they all realize how easy it is to just go for a walk ? Small changes in activity level can make HUGE changes in your mental state I PROMISE, try it I dare you to prove me wrong!

In the midst of my non-running mental breakdown, I ordered the book that began one of my favorite blogs

Run like a mother by Dimity Mcdowell and Sarah Bowen Shea is basically the bible. I wanted to actually read the book because I need to remember how to be a Mom/ pregnant and run ALL at the same time. I have friends that are runners. I have friends that are Moms. I don’t think I have a single friend that is a Mother Runner which is why this book is my golden ticket . This needs to change by the way, either my running friends need to have babies or my Mom friends need to start running PRONTO!

A few pages in and I found myself with belly butterflies and tears in my eyes, ridiculous I know 100%. But when you realize that there is a whole world or “tribe” as Dimity and Sarah call it, out there of women that are JUST LIKE YOU it is almost as exciting as finishing 13.1 ! I can’t say that I am very far into the book yet but I will be. You can hold me to it that I will discuss topics and ideas from it in the near future as well.

Running throughout pregnancy is a challenge, but a challenge with HUGE payoff in the end. When people ask advice about pregnancy the only thing I can ever say is to stay active. You don’t have to log miles and miles each week, just go out and walk. Not only will you feel better physically and mentally, birth and recovery can be a complete breeze.

If you are a Mom , Runner, or Both and looking for some good fit lit to read pick up ….

Have a happy FIT weekend 🙂

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