Balancing act

YIKES! It’s been a few weeks since the last post… I guess the title kind of says it all. Sometimes life gets a little un-balanced and certain elements of life get lost in the process. Running has DEFINITELY been lost lately. In turn BLOGGING about running has obviously been playing hide and go seek as well.

I am the queen of saying that there are NO EXCUSES for laziness. Normally I don’t want to hear it, but lately I need to practice what I preach. The weather is completely unbearable down here in LA, a 4 mile run last weekend spun me into tunnel vision/dizziness/ heat shock/ DEATH which left me literally stopping to sit down halfway through. That is just ridiculous, nothing is worth that. My lame excuse is that my health isn’t in it’s usual comfort zone,  not something that’s necessary to share with the world right now, but it is leaving me not in the best shape for the high intensity workouts that I am used to.

So WAH WAH WAH there is my pitty party . It’s over . Time to move on.

After a few months of training and working towards what seemed like a great work-from-home opportunity I realized it just wasn’t for me. Teaching and In Home childcare are not even on the same playing field apparently.  Being a stay-at-home Mom ( I REFUSE to use acronyms for this phrase, just not THAT girl) was our plan from  the beginning and no matter how difficult a lack of extra income is, we will make it work until our “kids” are in school.  Just like every piece of our puzzled lives, this failure only brought new light. I have too much going on inside to be a bump on a log. Not contributing to a greater good is a real struggle for at home Moms. It’s not really about a paycheck, but more about nurturing and educating your OWN being while you nurture and educate your children.

Crafting is something I used to love. Getting in touch with the artistic part of your brain brightens the lens that you see life through. Finding a way to intertwine a knowledge and love for fitness/health mixed with my soon to be dug up artsy fartsy-ness is where my head is running to at this point.  My plan , hopefully it will pan out as my brain sees it, will be really expanding the whole Be.Li(e)ve idea. Eventually I want to open an Etsy shop with handmade items that revolve around Military life, Health/fitness, and  overall positivity. Cafepress also has a great store-front option where we can create our own shirt/bag/accessory prints and others can purchase them straight from their site.  The only speed bump( not stop sign) is that the only time I have to devote to this is a few hours a day during naps, and anytime after bedtime 🙂 So it may take longer than I hope but either way it will be fun for me and hopefully help others out too.

Blogging sometimes seems like soap-box novel writing. Quite awkward if you ask me. I find it strange writing about my life and not hearing about others’. In the beginning  I guess I had hoped to hear about others fitness adventures by writing about ours. People read them, hundreds of people, but we hardly ever get responses. Maybe a FB page devoted to the blog would be a good way to go instead… with quick tidbits instead of pages of non-sense? Just an idea. I mean really, HOW could I ever claim boredom with an Etsy site, Cafepress shop, Blog, and FB page all on top of parenting a SUPER high energy ( almost) Toddler?? I would I’m sure, but I’m ok with that.

Since this blog is about fitness after all… here is a quick update about where we are. M is halfway through the insanity program and LOVES it even though it is a serious butt kicking at this point. She promises to give a review at the end but I’m not going to hold my breath … I may just have to write it for her 🙂 Either way if the heat is killing you like it is me, find a great BEACH BODY program to do from your air conditioned living room. OR Jillian Micahels ripped in 30. I posted my at home Cross Fit workout last time, it is another intelligent option for avoiding the heat !


It’s really not fair that the off season for running is bathing suit season… something about that just doesn’t seem right.

Have a great week friends and fellow bloggers!!

Stay Fit. Stay Healthy .Stay out of the HEAT!!

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