The OTHER F word

When you hear the term ” F word” you may or may not think of …. failure. But what a frightening word that is to pretty much everyone.

Nobody wants to fail. No one begins something new thinking well I plan to not finish this or do it half-assed. But in reality, more often than not, this is what the outcomes of our goals are. The most important thing about failure is recovery… I guess this fits into basically everything in life though right?

Whether it is an engine failure in a helicopter, a failed career that isn’t what you expected, a failed relationship, or failing to complete a workout schedule… the most IMPORTANT factor is the recovery afterwards. Aviators know that when their engine fails, they have it engrained into their brain how to recover and land appropriately. When a student goes through all of the schooling necessary to begin their  career just to realize it’s not for them, they have to recover by creating a new plan for the future. When we fail or quit a workout routine we HAVE TO start something new. Without quick recovery it is all-to- easy to begin a downward spiral that can sometimes feel impossible to overcome.

If you are a control freak like M and I , you hate quitting things. Failing is something that freaks us out so much that we pretty much do everything in our power to avoid it. Recently I found myself stuck in that sticky mud of decision making. Deciding whether to continue triathlon training was eating me alive ( no pun intended.) When it comes to physical activities in general I would call myself fearless, not much shakes me up. However one fear that I have yet to overcome for about 22 years now is alligators. Before training for the Audie Murphy Sprint-triathlon I had every reason to train, every reason to avoid failure. One small detail remained in the back of my head after every run/bike/pool swim  … ” HOW AM I GOING TO SWIM IN THE LAKE WHERE THERE ARE ALLIGATORS??? HOW WILL I MAKE IT THROUGH THAT WATER WITHOUT A HEART ATTACK!??” Now I won’t place 100% blame the not-so-jolly green giants lurking in the hidden shadows of Lake Thollocco.  Of course the fact that I have been training for some kind of race for the 8 out of 9 months my son has been born was also wearing me down. Totaling 6 races in 8 months including a half marathon, 15k, and 10ks really is a lot I realized!  Races are fun, don’t get me wrong, but at a certain point everyone hits a wall of exhaustion.


Bottom line : Alligators+overtraining+southern heat= the big F word for me.

I decided to quit training and give myself a break for the summer 🙂 and I admitt it feels GREAT!

Now like I was saying before it’s time for recovery. Obviously I am not going to let myself go, staying fit is the only thing that keeps me physically/mentally healthy. Being inactive simply isn’t an option. The amount of pizza and cupcakes that I enjoy do not allow for inactivity! Anyone who has given birth also knows that after a couple days of not working out, those hard earned abs turn to jello UNBELIEVABLY fast. So what now? Too hot for long runs, can’t run at sunrise since husband leaves the house during ungodly hours of 0400 ( I hate when women use military time, that was a joke, it’s so funny when wives think OH MY HUSBAND USES MILITARY TIME I SHOULD TOO! No, you’re not a soldier 4 am works just fine.) So night runs and at home training is all that my schedule allows. I would begin insanity ( the program that M is trying out right now and loves) but I am waiting for her completition and review to see if it’s worth it.

As if MAGIC a perfect workout fell into my lap ( literally, I am looking at it on my lap right now.) A friend of my husbands is a former cross -fit instructor. Cross-fit is something that many people I know have done and something I would have LOVED to try but would never fork over 100$+ a month to work out NO WAY!! NEVER! For those of you living under a rock- It is basically the most natural form of weight lifting. Push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, plyometrics, all done to the extreme in a high intensity environment. Google it. This friend had given his lovely GF  a copy of a 6 week intro to  cross-fit workout that they would do together and can basically be done at home . AWESOME! Free and convenient! They sent me a copy so I could join them from MY own home 🙂  It’s not going to be the same as a CF gym but it’s the idea, and it’s a great workout to supplement with a couple days of night runs or jogs on the dreaded treadmill. ! If anyone else wants to try it out here is the URL

The only equipment you will need is a pull up bar and they sell the total gym at ross for like 15.99 which is super easy to take down when not using.

ALSO If this isn’t for you try the new JM DVD Ripped in 30. The best workouts in the quickest amount of time, leaves you dripping! And you can’t beat the 10$ price tag at Target/walmart.

RECOVERY! It feels great to be jumping right into something new and different. Change is so important in life, but most specifically in our workout routines. ” The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results” – Einstein.

The F word happens to everyone. No body is perfect . If  you never try anything new you will never fail. If you live life to it’s full potential and give everything a shot ,you probably will fail at some point. Which person would YOU rather be?

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