My top 10 fitness inspirations

Brittany’s top 10 fitness inspirations

1. Jillian Michaels

There aren’t enough words to express my love for JM. Her workout DVDS alone are the best butt kicking workout you can get at home. Everything about her being is inspirational and amazing.

2. Kendra 

I don’t care how ditzy she is, I’m obsessed with the girl. Her light heartedness and bubbly attitude towards working out is something that I strive for.  She is a Mom and Wife and was very truthful to the public about the struggles that come with post baby weight loss. Don’t let her plastic appearance fool you, or better yet do so that she can prove you wrong. LOVVE Kendra.

3. Grandpa S

Being an energetic runner well into his 80’s should say enough. He continues to run local races and flies by people 1/4 his age. He bought me my first pair of running shoes at age 10. I failed to take him up on the running idea until 14 years later.

4. Milania 

I really wouldn’t be in the shape I am today without her. It all started when she suggested we run a half marathon together and I laughed. We continue to talk fitness daily and bounce ideas off each other. There is no replacing this long distance workout buddy!

5. Jamie Eason

As far as fitness models go, she is my idol. She has the same body type as me and seeing pictures of her reminds me of where I could be with a LOT of hard work. She was a former NFL cheerleader and makes a living off writing a fitness column in Oxygen as well as competing in the fitness world. She is a serious BAD A** and I would love to be like her someday. 

6. Kelly Ripa

Anyone who knows me  knows that she is my obsession. When I was teaching , the most exciting thing I looked forward to in the summer was watching Regis and Kelly every morning. She is a super-mom of 3, very outgoing, extremely fit, and cute as can be.

7. Barefoot Ted

Vibram 5 fingers really changed my life . Best thing that ever happened to me. Reading about barefoot Ted in Born to Run made me love him. He is an ultra marathoner that began with fives LONG before they were mainstream. He is crazy. Read about him in the book by Christopher McDougall .

8. Mom and step-Dad

Looking back, my parents where always positive role models as far as fitness went. We were raised in a family that was very active. Without seeing it in my house everyday I don’t know where else I would have learned that there was no option when it came to an active lifestyle.

9. Run like a Mother authors

Hearing stories from other running moms is the best motivation I could get. Anyone can be an expert in running but hearing it from REAL moms that understand the challenges that we all have means the world. If you haven’t checked out their blog, DO IT!

10. My son

Having my son has taken me to a whole different level of fitness. He is the best thing to happen to my husband and I. Being healthy and fit finally has a greater purpose. We both are setting an example to him that will hopefully make him a stronger person throughout his life. LOOK AT THAT FACE! What more inspiration could you need???

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