ALMOST Wordless Wednesday

Using no words isn’t really in my demeanor but I will try to be limited on this ” Wordless Wednesday”. The picture below is one of my great fears as far as fitness goes ( especially post child birth) .  In fact even talking about it makes me a little nauseous. Seeing a girl running in just a sports bra and shorts makes me cringe. Not in jealousy but in envy because running in such little clothes can be extremely freeing/comfortable yet highly judgement provoking at the same time. It has become WAY too humid out for long runs. The feeling of sweaty shirt hanging around your body is disgusting and I am personally over it. With the 10-miler only a few days away, I am thinking of caving and becoming that girl regardless of what others may think. Here is my fear… I am thinking of conquering it Saturday morning… what fitness fear can you overcome this week so I am not alone in this?

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1 Response to ALMOST Wordless Wednesday

  1. M says:

    You could not PAY me to run in just a sports bra. Just sayin… the thought has NEVER crossed my mind, its more like one of those “I always wish but never gonna happen” kinda things.

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