The only constant

Wow. Life being the twisty curly beautiful mess that it is sure has taken a toll on writing. Luckily it hasn’t taken a toll on running. In fact it has done just the opposite.

When life changes with new careers, engagements, weddings, deaths, births, relocations, deployments ( I guess thats just the Army Wife in me talking) , vacations, holidays, etc. it is difficult to find a constant. What element in our life can we hold dear to us, what will stick with us no matter where life takes us? Running is it. Truthfully, all you need is a pair of shoes. Of course today we love to wear our super ArmPockets with our iphone in tow, fancy shoes, and high tech clothing but none of that is necessary for running. That is the beauty in this sport I feel so lucky to have stepped into… no equipment necessary.

Growing up with divorced parents from age 2 and remarried parents shortly after living across the country being shuffled back and forth, my life was anything but peaceful and ordinary . Honestly though I don’t think I know many people who HAD any ordinary life growing up, but maybe that is just the type of person I tend to draw myself too. Until age 22 the only constant I had was Cheerleading. It had little to do with the sport itself but more for the escape from everyday reality. What more can you ask for in an escape? Physical activity. Loud happy friends. Daily structure. Coaches that believe in you ( well some of them.) Positive usage of my loud voice. Even meeting my husband came out of time on the cheer mat. Without having the constant in Cheer, I would never have gotten to the place I am today.

WHOA College is over, no more cheer, WHAT NOW? At the time it never seemed like that. It never seemed like I needed a constant, that life was just going to pan out. When M asked me to train for a half marathon with her in September of 2009 we found the new constant. We found the new element in life that can be an escape. I doubt that at the time I realized how life changing it would be, but at today I understand. Running is and can always be the constant. There is no time clock on this sport, thank goodness. Also THIS sport is a lot more difficult to make fun of than the previous 🙂

Getting Married is a huge step in life. I have a few friends going through this right now, including M, and it is so exciting seeing people make the huge commitment. It takes a lot to keep up a marriage and I am so happy to see such strong relationships become even stronger in the next year and beyond. Babies are in the same boat. More life changing than marriage by far and just as many ups and downs. Being a new parent is difficult yet the most beautiful and rewarding thing that a human can ever take on. Throughout our roller coaster of life, we need a constant. We need a never changing element that can help us stay on the right track.

Will running cure everything? no. Will we face injuries ? Of course. But just like everything else, we overcome these obstacles and return to normalcy.

I want people to see how wonderful it feels to run. I feel like a true descendant of my baptist preacher grandfather( who also is a runner well into his 80’s) only I want to preach the words of fitness instead of the lord . I sound like a nut job I know, you don’t have to tell me.

Life isn’t easy very often. We always have obstacles that come our way and overcoming them is sometimes more difficult than others. Some mountains seem WAY to high to climb over. Sometime we feel like we might just trip over that hurdle in front of us ( like M did in her HS track hahahehe) Some days we feel like life simply can not go on past this day. But with a constant like running, you will have something to get you moving.

On another note, M and I will be running another half together in two weeks! Well … almost. Not really. But we both have races coming up on the 14th and the combined distance is 13.1 so we are pretending that we are running together. M’s 5k is for the humane society of Charlotte and mine is the Army 10-miler at Fort Rucker.  If you are in either of those places, come out and race 🙂

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