Fighting through AWKWARD

Whether it is going back to school,  a new eating program, starting new job, getting to know new friends, quitting a bad habit, moving on after a death of a loved one, being a parent for the first time, first dates, etc. … beginnings are almost always AWKWARD. What do we normally do to get through that initial awkwardness? We find some normalcy and push through until what is awkward becomes normal. Or in some cases the awkwardness isn’t worth the effort (i.e. bad dates or making new friends) and we place it in that NOT WORTH IT folder in our mental filing cabinet.

Very little is different when it comes to working out. We pick an exercise that sounds easy enough, attempt it, and a majority of us quit at the point of discomfort. I am totally in this boat. I have tried almost every sport and failed miserably because I just wasn’t good at it. The only reason I was part of a “sport” in college wasn’t due to any athletic ability but more so my enormous smile, positive attitude, and obnoxiously loud voice ( plus lots and LOTS of practice trying to gain the minimal skill requirements.) The only sports I have found a comfort level in are sports with no equipment necessary ( cheerleading, then running and swimming as an adult) Maybe had I pushed a little further through the uncomfortable as a kid then I could have gone much greater distances. But no, taking the easy route was… well… easier.

How many people take 1 Zumba class, go into the weight room at the gym 1 time, try a workout dvd once, run for 1 minute, last through 1 spin class, only to give up and never try again? I know that I am 100% guilty of this in many fitness categories. Bicycling. I hate it. I am so uncomfortable going on a 20 minute bike ride I want to throw up. Sports with balls ( go ahead,  free rein for jokes)  all intimidate me  due to my serious lack of coordination and grace. To this day almost every run I take begins with about two miles of awkward steps and arm movements until the rhythm takes over and pounding the pavement to a perfect mix of  Metallica/Lady Gaga/ Andrew W.K./3Oh!3/Black Eyed Peas makes me feel like a well oiled machine .  What does it take to push through the uncomfortable and find a place of  comfort? It takes patience. It takes determination. It takes commitment.

Not everyone has a need or want to live a fit lifestyle. Or I should say, not everyone will ADMIT that they need or want to live a fit lifestyle. But pushing through the uncomfortable carries a self-confidence that can not be found elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter if it is  a workout routine you are trying to get used to. It could be anything that is new and unusual. Pushing through that initial awkwardness will only open a door to new heights. It will create new experiences and a greater outlook on life. If you are one of those amazing people who always pushes for the best, than you deserve every ounce of happiness!

Backing away and giving up is always easy, but the easy road hardly ever leads to anywhere fulfilling.

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