Healthy demographics

Forgive me for the time between posts. To say it’s been crazy is an understatement. With my husband gone for 21 days with no contact , a teething baby, flying to Arizona, and driving the dogs and baby to North Carolina and Florida… It’s been impossible to breath let alone write. I think in 3 weeks I’ve ran 4 times , hence why I may seem a bit moody .

Since a recent convo with M a certain topic has been running through my mind ( no pun intended .) Why is it that some towns are filled with runners on any given morning, and some appear as a ghost town . Some areas, like Charlotte for instance, is breathing health on every block. You can find health food stores , running stores, local gyms, beautiful parks with running paths, weekend races , etc everywhere you look… It’s amazing! Then there are places( I’m not going to throw any cities under the bus here) that are filled with fried chicken on every block and devoid of anything fitness related.

So here is the point I’m trying to make, and there is one. What do demographics have in common with the level of healthy people in a given area? After asking M why she thought Charlotte was such an active town she found it simple . Educated people are more likely to run and live healthy lifestyles ! Really? Why? At first thought it made no sense to me. It doesn’t cost a dime to go outside and run. Is it that wealthier people care more about their appearance? Maybe but a better and more thought out explanation would be that people that have struggled through higher levels of education understand the importance of stress relief. Those who hold successful occupations strived through college or other long-term training and carried that work ethic into their careers ( for the most part, of course there are exceptions) The healthiest form of stress relief is exercise and many people in the professional communities understand this. Ah ha… A somewhat decent answer .

But how can this ever change? How can lower and middle class neighborhoods learn the secret stress reliever of healthy living ? It’s a circular battle that seems impossible to solve , like the cycle of poverty.

Wow what a ramble session that I am ,for some unknown reason, publishing for all to judge . Just some food for thought , find ways to spread the joy f healthy living in all places. Just because you understand how to live actively and healthfully doesn’t mean everyone whose path you cross has the same mental toolbox that you carry around.

For those wonderful friends who have been following out blog … Well you’re crazy. But also, with more time falling into my lap again and new fitness goals to be reached, you can expect more posts to come soon. Maybe even M our newly engaged soon to be “buff bride ” will start sharing her stories as well… Or maybe I will continue sharing them for her 🙂

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