One thing that always makes me internally giggle is when people proclaim ” Oh I’m on a diet.” We get it. You think that by announcing to everyone that you have decided to go on some crazy diet that you are making a huge change in healthier living. But guess what? There is NOTHING healthy about MOST diets. The word drives me to insanity to be honest.  What happens when your 30 day, 15 day, whatever day diet is over… you eat what you think tastes good and magically all the weight re-appears. Cleaning up your eating habits, portion control, and making smarter choices will lead to a lifetime of health and most likely the better body that you were hoping for from your “diet.”

Don’t read into this incorrectly though, I in no way am a health nut. I wish that I was. I eat sweets and fattening foods, but in moderation. If I could survive off of bread alone, I would honestly do it. Nothing drove me more crazy than hearing about the Atkins diet , every time I heard about it I would shove a bite of pasta or sourdough bread into my mouth with a smile on my face.

When I talk about anti-dieting the same response is always shot to me from my peers, ” BUT YOU WERE NEVER OVERWEIGHT, YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND.” I do understand. Both M and I have had plenty of times that we were well above our ideal body composition, we talk about it almost daily. Honestly, if I started eating nothing but junk and stopped working out I could easily be among the majority of americans that are severely overweight. The key to not letting yourself get to that point is changing the way you think about health. When you get to the point that your body is functioning at its best, you realize that there is no reason to go back. Why would you not want to take care of your body, the only thing that you will have until the grave? If you care enough about your family, your friends, your children, your spouse, why not care just as much about yourself?

Ok enough of my rant…

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Or better yet, WE DO?

I meet people all the time that simply don’t know where to start. I was blessed enough to grow up in a family that was pretty health conscious. Most Americans are not, and have never had the time or understanding to even change their lifestyles. Both M and I always talk about how much we wish we could help all of these people. No one is a bad person because they don’t live healthy. Neither of us EVER  judge people because they don’t live healthy lifestyles. We simply want to show others how much of a better life you can have by making such small healthy changes.

The first step is simple. Follow the food pyramid . Go to This is a great tool that is provided by the USDA. On it you can type in your age, weight, height, and activity level to get a more exact food pyramid to your body type. It also gives you ideas of how to incorporate each category into your day without any stress. Once you get in the swing of eating healthier, it is simply a way of life that doesn’t need to be altered. Also, when you are conscious of what you put into your mouth daily it is easier to indulge every once in a while and not feel terrible about it.

What about when you are on the go? Some people travel a lot, or simply aren’t home enough to always prepare food for themselves. M and I were fortunate enough to have another wheel to our dynamic duo in college. Our other former roommate/wonderful friend is a health food freak. The intensity that we bring to fitness, she brings to eating “light” and I know that I learned a ton from her in the 3 years of college we spent living together. One website she introduced us to was . Before eating on-the-go I like to check out what my options are at each restaurant. You can find healthy options that are still delicious pretty much anywhere. I must forewarn you though, finding out the nutritional info on some of your favorite meals WILL make you want to vomit.

So check out theses two sites. Hopefully they will be two small steps to a healthier and happier you 🙂

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