Running shorts… already???

The only problem with this beautiful spring weather is how hot it gets on a long run. If you are one of those girls with naturally long skinny legs, well, girls like me hate you . Kidding. But honestly, nothing freaks me out more than running shorts. I personally hate them.

Over the past two weeks, I have been on a mission to find a pair of running shorts that can sustain the hot humid afternoons that have already snuck upon us in Lower Alabama. My other stipulation is that I can’t stand spending money on running gear. For a sport that is so natural to the human body, why spend so much money on clothing/gear? It’s silly to me. I am not about to spend 50$+ on running shorts, especially when you need about 4 or 5 solid pair to get through laundry days. Last but not least, they have to look decent on. Not awkward long shorts than come down to the knees, and definitely not too short ( like most out there are) where parts are showing that don’t need to be showing.

Well guess what, I FOUND THEM! I found them at Hibbett sports , purchased one pair but will be going back for more ASAP. They are made by Soffee, which instinctually makes people think “Cheer shorts” but I promise they are nothing like Soffee cheer shorts. They have a great liner on the inside, very light material, come in many colors, are only 15$ and most importantly look great on everyone! They are called the ” shorty short” by Soffee. My guess is that you could find them at Big 5, or somewhere similar. Otherwise you can always order a pair online to try them out for yourself. At 15$ , you aren’t losing too much if you aren’t as obsessed with them as I am .

here is the link to them if anyone is interested.

Ok that is all for today, just wanted to share my new obsession. Hopefully you find some excitement in them as well 🙂

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