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Hello! It’s been a while… thanks to a cold ridden/ non napping/ teething baby ( ahh the delights of parenting a 6 month old. ) Being a luxury in itself to even squeeze in runs and Jillian Michaels workouts, unfortunately blogging has fallen to the wayside. However, over the past 2 weeks I FINALLY got around to reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall. So here is the miniscule beginning to a long review…

I would describe this book as the best sandwich you ever ate, smushed between two boring pieces of white bread. The meat of this book is fantastic. My book is filled with sticky notes placed on every life changing quote that I feel necessary to discuss with others… which will definitely be done on the following posts.  After a slow start in the first 50 pages, he really takes off on a fascinating story of ultra runners . These people are crazy. You think Marathoners are crazy? Ultra runners race 100 mile races … repeatedly not just once in a lifetime. Not to lose weight, not to stay in shape, but because they are completely addicted to the happiness that running brings them.

Because I am obviously not a woman of few words, this is going to be an ongoing review. The first Ah-ha moment for me was his description of how ingrained running is to the human body.

Our bodies were literally built to run. What confuses people is the hip/back/knee pains that plague us after long workouts. McDougall lays it out straight, Nike did this to us. The second we start wearing supportive ‘ running’ shoes, our body becomes weak.  All of that added support and cushion is simply a crutch that makes our body move un-naturally. Nike was the first company to create a running shoe, and then every other company copied. THANKS A LOT NIKE!

I agree with this concept 110%! Nothing has felt more natural than barefoot running. Not only have I cured any former aches, pains, and bleeding toe problems… running is exciting now. The first few weeks of adjustment to Vibram 5-fingers were definitely that, an adjustment. You will have intense calf pain and find leg muscles that you never knew existed. But after the aches subside, there is no better feeling . I swear that I will never wear another running shoe again. The problem that arises is those with flat feet. Ironically, flat feet didn’t exist with our ancestors. This ailment came after we began wearing shoes. I’m not saying that if you have flat feet you CAN’T try them, but just know that getting used to the lack of arch support is challenging.

If you are looking for a change in running, or any sports for that matter. TRY BAREFOOT RUNNING. I sound like a salesperson for Vibram, but I can’t speak of them enough!

If you are looking for a great book on the history of running as well as some fitness motivation, go read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall ! Still aren’t sold on a lame book about crazy runners? I don’t blame you but I will definitely post about some key motivational points in his writing.

AHHH Springtime is beautiful 🙂 Enjoy outside workouts before the obnoxiously high temperatures of summer sneak upon us.

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