Jogging stroller of death

Ok. Let’s just be honest. The jogging stroller shouldn’t even have the word JOG in it.

Right when we found out I was pregnant, practically the first words out of everyones mouth was OHH You’ll have to get a jogging stroller! My wonderful step-Mom and Nana looked around and got me a fantastic red baby-trend ( There are tons of brands out there but I love this one)  . Soon after getting back in the swing of running post babyman, I thought I would take him with me on a 2.5 mile trail run around a small lake on post. Never did I think it would be so dreadful . By the first hill, a quarter of a mile in, my legs were on fire… by the end I was slowly walking to the car with wobbly jell-o legs.

Fast forward 5 months. We have only used the stroller for trail WALKS, quick runs, or to jog to the neighbors house. It has still been a fantastic investment yet I have been terrified to attempt an actual run of any kind.

Today was the day. With my husband having longer days now in the classroom ( he is in the flight school process for the Army) it is more challenging to squeeze in daylight runs when the sun goes down at practically 4 in the afternoon here in the south. So I caved, time to give it another try.

Shockingly it was not as treacherous as I had made it out to be.

Was it a basic 3 mile run? absolutely not.

Was it challenging? 100%

What I failed to realize is that A. You don’t have your arms to help move you forward. B. You are pushing 20+ lbs of the baby plus the stroller. C. Hills are pretty deadly when you combine these factors.

If you are looking for a great total body strength training+ cardio workout this is it. Don’t have a baby? You could borrow mine if you want 🙂

Even though I waited over 5 months,  it was definitely for the best. At this age the little guy is old enough that he is entertained with the outdoors ( even though he had about 4 layers of clothing on) and he can actually enjoy the ride. Start out on flat land because the switch to hills is much MUCH different than you would expect. It really is a unique experience being able to share the joy of fitness with your little one.

<—- (This is from my view, it’s great to be able to see what he’s up to)

I would completely recommend Fit-Moms give it a shot, it doesn’t have the best rep but it is worth the challenge . Maybe my idol JM ( Jillian Michaels) could try out this workout with a 20 lb weights inside a stroller…ya never know it could be the newest fitness fad since the kettle-ball !

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2 Responses to Jogging stroller of death

  1. Melani says:

    I tried to run (ok, so its more like run and walk and try to run some more) with Maddi in the stroller last night and it was way hard! I thought of this! Once I got going it wasn’t as bad, but it was a totally different work out!

  2. Brittany says:

    ISN’T IT? And Maddi is even older than Steven so I can’t imagine! THe nice thing about it is that you are getting a shoulder, calf, quad, core workouts all while doing cardio… what a great, but tough, exercise 🙂

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