Healthy Body=Healthy Mind

I’ve disappointed myself 100%.  Making this blog was going to be an outlet for all things fitness that are second nature to M and I. But lately the inspiration has been lagging…

After a week of squeezing in only 1 real run ( 2 if you count the treadmill which completely runs for you) I feel like I’ve hit the bottom of a downward spiral. The less I make time for fitness, the less focused my mind becomes. Which makes me wonder… how many people feel this way all of the time? How many women especially are so busy that they forget to be active which results in feeling like … well BLAHHH ( for lack of better vocabulary thanks to my prestigious degree in elementary education.)

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom, busy student, or workaholic… life gets busy. What tends to be the first thing dropped off of that never ending pile on our plates? Exercise and health. WHY?!? Why is it that so many of us fail to dedicate a small portion of our day to ourselves? Not our friends, not our significant other, not our parents, not our kids… but ourselves. I have become such a hypocrite in this category for the past week.

Imagine that each of us wakes up with sunshine that has tons of positive energy emitting out of us each morning. If we use up all of that positive energy trying to make others around us happy, there is nothing left for ourselves or our family.It is extremely unfair that the people who begin with the most “sunshine” end up with the smallest amount because everyone else seems to steal it.  I find that the only way to create an abundance of good energy is to do what you love. If you aren’t keeping yourself healthy in some way, both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY, your ‘sunshine’ reserves will constantly be running on empty forcing others to waste theirs on you!

…. total other topic….I have the worst ” popcorn brain” as M likes to tell me 🙂

Somehow I placed 1st in my division ( females age 18-24) in the Dothan hog-wild 15k I ran last weekend. WHAT A SHOCK! Seeing the results were unreal. Going from a non runner a year and a half ago this was a huge accomplishment. Obviously the competition isn’t too serious in Lower Alabama, but it gave me that kick in the butt that I needed after a lazy LAZY week.

A week of anti-activity post race has left my mind in complete mush. Your Body Mind Soul connection is extremely critical to living a balanced and happy life. Just using those words makes me miss Yoga terribly. Not pretend Yoga at the Fort Rucker gym taught by bland fitness instructors. But real yoga. Bikram Yoga. Power Yoga.

Basically, to summarize my verbal vomit today, what’s on my mind lately is the need to surround ourselves with people that mirror our energy. If you have people in your life that constantly bring you down, REMOVE THEM FROM YOUR LIFE. If you know people that are constant rays of sunshine for you… SPEND MORE TIME WITH THEM! Now I need to begin taking my own advice for a change…


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One Response to Healthy Body=Healthy Mind

  1. Stephanie Hood-Irwin says:

    You are totally right about busy folks giving up on fitness first. I’m totally guilty!!! If you ever want to go for a run and need someone to watch your little man I can do it if I’m not working…we can trade out! You watch my baby, then I’ll watch yours so we can squeeze our workouts in? Thanks for being my inspiration! 🙂

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