Hello February

It’s been a while I know.  I apologize 😦

Not that things haven’t been going on, but almost that too much goes on that I don’t know where to start. SO here we are, almost in a new month.

A month filled with cheesy valentines day hearts and candy. A month filled with increasingly warmer weather than January ( hopefully).But most importantly to us, a month with the most important football game of the year … duh duh duhhhh…

For those of you that are not aware, M is a hardcore cheesehead Packer fan ( AND PROUD OF IT- as she would say.) I was raised in a family where you were only allowed to watch 1 team… the Pittsburgh Steelers.  As you could imagine, our friendship may be a bit strained this week as we are both preparing for the big game this weekend.

This week, or even month, I find myself thinking about competition. As always I hate competing against others but love competing against myself. Setting personal goals in fitness not only keeps you working towards something but it will have a greater impact mentally and physically than just ‘working out.’ It could be a major goal like competing in the Ironman competition, or something small like losing those 5 lbs of stubborn baby weight that seem to hang on like peanut butter.

The challenge isn’t reaching that first goal, it is setting up the next one. Each time you reach your fitness goal you must plan what you want to do next to maintain your results.

Last weekend I ran a 15k ( it was actually 9.5 miles instead of 9.3 but whose counting?) and was a bit bummed going into it. I hate not having M to run with me. It is difficult because there isn’t someone to pace with, there isn’t someone to chat with, there isn’t someone to share the memories with. But surprisingly I not only survived but I had the best race yet. I averaged an 8:40 a mile pace which is insanely fast compared to the usual 10:00 pace. Turning that last corner and seeing 1:20 on the clock with only a short sprint left was pretty much cloud nine. Realizing I beat my goal by 9 minutes brought me to that ultimate runners high. Awesome! WOO HOO! But now what?

Here is where the challenge comes. What to work towards next? It is finding a goal that is achievable yet almost out of grasp. While my gerbil wheel continues to spin uncontrollably, I would love to start a little self competition. For anyone that is reading this, set a fitness goal for yourself. There are a couple of ways to do this…


1. Find a picture of yourself in the past 5 years where you were at your best physically and mentally. Not the skinniest , not the most food deprived, but the healthiest.

2.Post that picture up somewhere that you can see everyday to remind yourself of what is achievable.


By putting your goals in writting, you are much less likely to forget about it.

1. Decide what you want to work towards.

2. Write down a date that your goal must be achieved by, no excuses.

3.  Write down a plan . What can you do weekly that will get you to that finish line?

4. Post your Goals somewhere that you see everyday. Tell people about your goals.

M told me this– Goals aren’t goals unless they are public. If you tell no one your goals and you don’t reach them, you are only letting yourself down. When others know what you are working toward then you have to let them down as well.

I challenge everyone to start the process of fitness goals . I promise it will make you feel better about yourself in more ways than you would think. If you have no one to share your goals with, send us a message! We would love to hear what you have planned 🙂

So happy February tomorrow everyone. Good luck with your goals. And Go Pittsburgh! ( Maybe that will motivate M to finally publish one of her posts .)

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