Why do you do what you do?

For some reason, this phrase hasn’t been able to exit my train of thoughts lately. A year ago M and I started running for fun. We thought hey let’s try this out just like we tried out the bender ball, Pilates classes, and weight training. Both of us found an un-matchable passion in running and simply couldn’t stop… literally. It is something that the two of us will do until our bodies no longer allow it. Every time we step out the door we have new experiences and we enjoy sharing those with each other.  I  think I speak for us both when I say that we want to be like my 80+ year old Grandpa Squier who continues to run almost daily. We have a serious passion for it whether we are good at it or not.

Neither of us had any idea that so many of our friends had also recently began running. After seeing , via facebook of course, that tons had run the PF Changs half marathon in Arizona I became very curious about everyone’s path to the race. Why run a half marathon? Because it is easier than a full but still a physical challenge? To lose weight?  Just to say you have run 13.1 miles? To raise money for a specific charity? To prove to everyone that you have ‘ still got it’? To get in shape for a special event? Just for fun?

Knowing others reasons for motivation is intriguing to me. Not only for running but for anything that requires physical and mental strength.

IF you have read our blog ( yes it is OUR blog I promise M has a lot more interesting tidbits to say than I do , I am just blessed with free time during naps while she is being productive with her life) we want to hear from you.

What pushes you to your limits physically and mentally?

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