peace and quiet

When I became a Mom in August M got me this shirt that says ” Half Marathon Mommy. 13.1 miles of peace and quiet” At first it was just a cute well fitted shirt that I could wear around the house. Lately, I find myself living by the slogan.

You don’t have to be a Mom to live a hectic lifestyle. It seems to follow women in general, we are forced to be the caretakers no matter the position in life. Why is it that we are expected to be  “strong” because we are women? Maybe because we just are .

In most occupations there is a “burn out” point. Teachers hear this very often, that we are all worked so hard and under-appreciated that new teachers quit teaching within the first 5 years. Our generation seems to burn out of everything, and very quickly at that. I will leave my ideas about that for a later post, but there are reasons that we have difficulty sticking with commitments . Finding that balance in life will keep that flame burning longterm instead of going from a bonfire to ashes in the blink of an eye.

I feel as though I see potential female burn-out every time my news-feed pops up on facebook. Women in their 20-30’s are obsessed with 1 of 3 things. Their 24/7 job, their upcoming wedding, or their kids. All are fine things to obsess over, trust me I have done my fair share in all 3 categories. But the problem is that we can not all control those things. Work fields can be downsized, weddings pass, and babies have to grow up to be individuals.  THEN what? What will you have to keep that flame inside of you burning?

YOU and your body! It sounds silly, I’ll admit, but taking care of yourself is the only thing that is completely in your control. Maybe this is why control freaks like M and I love running so much…hmmm

Finding something that is ONLY FOR YOU will make you a better Mom, Wife, Girlfriend, co-worker, friend, but most importantly a better you… a you that is happier and more enjoyable to be around. It doesn’t have to be running. It could be cooking ( healthy cooking hopefully), pottery, scrapbooking, gardening, weight-lifting, horse training, ebaying, photography, yoga, scuba diving… just something. If you have something you love but haven’t had the time to do it, MAKE the time. If you haven’t found the ” something” that makes you happy, START exploring.  Start tomorrow. FIND SOMETHING YOU love and make the time to do it.

Of course I am going to push running on everyone. It is what I think every woman should do. I feel like it is this secret world that needs to be not so secret. Running is seriously the best escape imaginable and you are improving your health at the same time. No matter where you are or what happens in your life, it can be the only constant. It doesn’t take fancy equipment, it doesn’t take money, just shoes and pavement. If I hadn’t gone back to running a couple of weeks after giving birth, I would probably be one of those crazy over-obsessive moms that stresses about everything baby related. But I’m not, thanks to my therapist ( my running shoes.)

When you do what you love, you have time to escape, to relax, to gather up your mental marbles and put them in line.


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One Response to peace and quiet

  1. Frances says:

    Running is Meditation in Motion….

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