RunDisney… or better yet don’t

AH finally home relaxing after the nutty weekend of our Disney Half Marathon. I hate to sound un-motivational but it was truly not what we expected. Let’s just say that the obnoxious and pushy crowd that Disney normally contains mixed with obnoxious and pushy ‘runners’ is not the atmosphere that either of us enjoy. We both enjoy running, not talking about running gear, not comparing race times, not judging others, just running. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time and the half mile that we actually ran through the Magic Kingdom was AWESOME… just the crowd was a bit of a let down.  The course itself was so crowded that we had to zig zag around people who decided to start walking, even from the first mile. A majority of the course was highway… highway.. and more

highway. Thanks to all of this our time was not what we had wished. Our goal was to finish in 2:15 after a 2:30 finish the previous  year. The end of our training we were running about 9:45 minute miles so we should have finished well ahead of our goal… but the many obstacles resulted in a 2:20ish finish even after running our butts off. A bit disappointing to my self-competitive ego. It sounds better that we finished about 3,000 out of 12,000 in our division. I enjoy those stats !

The beginning of the race I found quite inspiring… which takes a lot at 5 am after an hour of traffic and a 30 minute walk to the starting line . The announcers shared with everyone a story of a soldier in Baghdad and his Wife who were running the race together. Of course he was running the 13.1 with a small group over seas and she was among the 30,000 with us but they were still running together. They had the husband on the phone and the wife on stage sharing their pre-race conversation with all of us. It takes a special family to not only manage that distance, but to find ways to become even closer throughout deployments.

Another memorable moment, for our very few blog followers, was around mile 3. After last weeks post about Eeyores and Tiggers hopefully you all got the drift that M is an Eeyore and I tend to be a Tigger. As we approached mile 3 we saw our first Disney characters and guess who it was… the dynamic  duo themselves!

The race was crazy and too crowded for our liking. But there will always be those fun/ funny moments that only WE can keep with us and place in our mental scrapbook of  running memories.

Will we run this race again? Nope… sorry Mickey Mouse!

Should others who enjoy running different towns experience it for themselves? Of course. You get a nice Medal.

So what is next? People always ask, so what do you do when you stop training? Well you go back to other types of exercise or train for the next race. Both M and I enjoy trying different fitness DVD programs so we are going to try a couple new workouts as well as start running shorter distance a few times a week. The idea of 3-6 mile runs sounds enticing ! We mentioned the idea of Chicago Half marathon in May… being so soon the training will be a piece of cake and a lot of fun.

I think it might be fun to begin a fitness challenge for our friends and family that follow our blog. Not against others just a challenge against ourselves, to improve our lives for the healthier!  Maybe next month… come back to find out more info!

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