running… a hell of a drug

Before I begin, I have to admit that I attempted to write a
post about 3 hours ago but it was so anti-uplifting that I would
have felt responsible for darkening the day of any of our 1.5
readers. It is much easier to deal with people when you realize
they are one of two types of people. Some people like to say type A
and type B but how boring is that? A good friend of mine recently
informed me that her family likes to call them “stiffies” and
“blobbies” which I find hilarious but seconds later I realized that
I am totally a stiffie. For now let’s call them Eeyores and Tiggers
because it is easy to remember Eeyore as the gloomy sweet little
guy that has a cloud over him and insane Tigger that has good
intentions but is a little obnoxious for the rest of the world (
from Winnie the Pooh if you were seriously deprived as a child).
You can sum up people by Eeyores and Tiggers I am most definitely a
Tigger. Most Tiggers surround themselves with, you guessed it,
Eeyores. Or I should say the SMART Tiggers surround themselves with
Eeyores, and vise versa. Don’t get me wrong, I have Tiggers in my
life that I absolutely adore but most of the time they are busy
bringing light to those Eeyores in their life. WHY THE HELL are we
talking about Winnie the Pooh? Because it helps explain my
experience today. Does anyone ever wonder what happens when Tigger
forgets his happy pills and a dark grey cloud begins to form over
his head? Well it happens, and Tiggers don’t know what to do with
that cloud so it becomes a really nasty cloud. Without Tiggers to
cheer up the Eeyores in their life, things can just get really
sour. A few hours ago I found myself mad a the world for no reason
what-so-ever. I leave tomorrow for our big race, I get to spend
time with my family, I am picking M up at the airport at noon,
overall a great weekend is in store. But I found myself complaining
about not having packed yet, and poor me I have to drive alone with
a 4 month old for 6 hours… I was totally becoming an Eeyore.
After a few hours of pissing everyone else off my husband came home
from class so I was able to finally get my last run in on a (
cringe) treadmill. POOR me raced through my head the entire way to
the gym. .5 of a mile in,
that cloud slowly started evaporating. About 1.5 miles in my energy
started to rise, and by 3 miles I was going faster than I have in a
long time and felt on top of the world. Unfortunately since it was
our last run it was only supposed to be a 2 mile but I simply
couldn’t stop, it was like taking a bottle from a baby. The first
step off of the dreaded treadmill was like stepping onto new
ground. The sunshine was back and my excitement couldn’t be
contained , so I had to call an Eeyore to bring me to a normal
level of sanity. Being born with genetics for addictive
personalities is normally something that is ” unfortunate” unless
you can figure out how to channel those addictions. I feel
fortunate that after a roller coaster for 24.5 years I am able to
channel my addiction to running. I just wish that more women, most
specifically Moms, would realize how much it can change your life
for the positive. It allows you to set goals and cheer yourself on
when you accomplish them. It allows you to be active in a
competitive sport no matter the age. But most importantly it can
help balance you mentally and physically which helps every aspect
of your life. Running is a hell of a drug . Hopefully peer pressure
still works for others as well as it did in college.

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3 Responses to running… a hell of a drug

  1. Love this! I can completely understand. I recently started
    running a lot more, and had a similar experience with the uplifting
    part of working out and feeling amazing. Though, to my dismay, I
    always have to refocus back to reality of those who aren’t on that
    “high”. Loved the blog. Keep writing Brit!

  2. Melissa says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Running is so good for physical,
    mental, and emotional health.

  3. Melani says:

    So I am working on “running” every day. I am doing the ‘couch to 5k plan’ and am on week 3. The 1st 2 weeks were a bit touch and go but starting this 3rd week I have much more drive to actaully do it. I walk 5 minutes to warm up, run a few minutes, depending on how many the plan says, right now about 5, then walk 5 more. I was up early Monday and Tuesday and felt so good getting up and moving. It made my whole day better. Wednesday I slept in and didn’t get to go. The whole day sucked. Nothing was really wrong, it just wasn’t right. All evening all I could think about was getting to go running again in the morning and it would make me feel better. And today is already WAY better!

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