Motivation in 2011

Happy 2011 Fit Friends! We could be corny and say THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER!! But let’s be realistic, are any 365 day cycles  really that awful or perfect?

Of course you will have years that contain death and tragedy, and those with birth and joy. In the end it is a balance and harmonious mixture of the two that create memorable years in our life. Fortunately we DO have some control over events in our lives, putting work into controlling those events is where many in our generation seem to fail. We like to say ” I am just unlucky” or ” My life sucks” but if you think about it, are you taking any steps to improving your odds? With a new year upon us, we have somewhat of a clean slate to begin making those changes that we have been putting on the back burner.

After a lazy New Years day watching college bowl games I thought of the motivation collegiate athletes have. You can see the fight and drive on their faces, even feel their energy in every play. They have the simplest motivation towards fitness you could ask for…their teammates( I guess the hundreds of thousand cheering fans help too!)When others are relying on our physical activity we tend to perform at our highest. I find myself taking a  glance backwards at my days as a Lumberjack cheerleader, thinking about those long days we spent in the Skydome practicing for hours followed by weights and conditioning. If anyone ever had a second thought about giving their all, your teammates are always there to give you a little kick in the A and say “HEY I AM giving my all, you WILL give yours too!”Another key to our workouts were always laughter. My favorite team , and ironically the best team, I cheered with was from my Sophomore year of college. When I think of our workouts it wasn’t ever painful, we were always excited to be working our butts off. Comedic relief took away any pain that our bodies were facing. So from that ramble session the main point is that having a support system is key when it comes to active lifestyles, and unfortunately most of us go about ‘working out’ alone, without the laughter and fun.

It is Sunday after all, so I am off to enjoy the last regular season NFL game day… nothing like a nice paycheck to be a motivator towards fitness huh?

So dig a little deep if you have to, take some time to think about it. What will it take to self motivate your way into a healthier and more active lifestyle? LET US KNOW!

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