A year in fitness

It always amazes me how much can change in a year. For obsessive planners like M and I, we seem to think we know exactly where we will be the following year, what we will be doing and how we will feel. Another NYE approaches tonight and I don’t think I ever imagined to be in the spot I am. 2010 truly treated me well, made me grow up a bit, and has shown me a calmer and more peaceful way of living. A year ago I was living in Tucson Arizona, working my butt off, a newlywed of only 6 months, and had just survived a half marathon with M. Today I find myself living in LA ( That’s lower Alabama, remember) being a stay at home Mom of the ever amazing 4 month old Steven, a wife of an Army Warrant Officer about to begin flying the Apache, and about to run yet another Half Marathon with M… but this time enjoy it.

As you can see, the only constant in our lives seems to be our love of being active and healthy. It is one thing that no one can take away from you, and it can always be your own personal area of growth throughout the chapters of your life. Your health and fitness will always be there for you whether you are 10 years old or 80 ( like my Grandpa Squier who still runs a 6 minute mile at age 80, but we will save that for another post.) What a better way to wave goodbye to 2010 than our last long training run before the race next weekend. I in Alabama, and M in North Carolina, will separately yet together be running our last 12 mile run in just about an hour. Of course we switched it from tomorrow as our training program suggests because it is NYE after all.. who wants to wake up and run after a night of indulgence?  NOT US!

So Cya later 2010, thanks for our beautiful SON and our move to Alabama, thanks for the beginning of my husbands dream of being an Apache pilot, but most of all thank you for allowing me to be the FIT MOM that I didn’t know was possible.

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