Here I am.

So I woke up this morning to my dog (Zoey – my almost 2 yr old boxer and running budding) jumping off the bed on the bed off the bed on the bed.. yes she sleeps in the bed and yes this happens every morning, usually around 7:15am. So I opened my eyes and looked at my phone to find out I had a text from 11:40pm last night from B, “I figured you are sleeping but I decided we are doing this blog together! So excited lol I will make you an account so you don’t have to do anything. Most fitness blogs have two people and you are my missing link! Setting up your account :)” I then realized I had a missed call from her from 11:38pm last night. So I continued my morning routine (I am a strict routine girl) with going downstairs to let the dogs out to pee, then to feed them, then they go back out to do the rest of their business. While waiting for them to do what they had to do, I skimmed through facebook on my iPhone, to find I had a post from B – “… and the blogging updates continue. Milania and I are TOGETHER working on an all things female fitness site. She doesn’t know because she is sleeping and I just decided for her 🙂 This is the best idea I have ever had! It is going to be amazing just warning everyone.” Yikes this was a lot for me to handle at 7:20 this morning.

That should explain the dynamic of our friendship and this blog. So… here I am (and happy to be here).

I am a mother of 2 furry four-legged creatures who are my babies. Zoey and Colby. I just love them, some might think I am a little crazy and controlling over my dogs, but that’s their opinion! I live with the boyfriend, who is a defensive tackle for the Carolina Panthers. Yes, I know this wasn’t their best season ever but being the loving supporting girlfriend I am, I sit through every game. I graduated from college with a dual major in Advertising and Public Relations… and am currently working for a local non-profit here in Charlotte in the Development department. I like what I do, but love the people here. We help people stay in their homes. It is very humbling to see the amount of families standing in line every morning waiting to get help  (usually about 150-300 families). I apologize for my rambling on and on, I actually did take several writing classes in college – and am sick of all those unnecessary rules so I don’t feel like following them. Anyway… moving on…

This blog technically started about a year and a half ago with countless (literally) minutes of talking on the phone discussing life and fitness and pretty much everything else under the sun. So I am happy we now have this place to brain dump all of our wisdom and insights to share. My biggest petpieve is hearing someone whine and complain about something that they can control,  and the way you live your life is 100% controlled by you … and we are here to help!

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4 Responses to Here I am.

  1. David says:

    Your BF’s team will make me very happy if they can somehow beat the Atlanta Falcons. That might save John Fox’s job!

  2. Milania says:

    It will make us very happy too! You never know…

  3. David says:

    I’ve been a Saints fan as long as there have been Saints…I don’t have the deep-down hatred some of my confreres do about other NFC South teams, except that I always want the Saints to beat them. But that applies to every team in the NFL!

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